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How to register in the q4 financial app

This step by step guide will assist you in registering your account inside the app.

App Downloads
App Downloads

Step 1: Download the app

Download the q4 financial app to your smartphone via the apple or google app stores.

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Step 2: Install the app and grant all app permissions

Important: In order to receive messages from q4, access your documents and sign documents you will need to grant permissions for the app on your device.


Step 3: Open the app and click the ‘i’ icon on the top right of the app.


Step 4: Click the login icon in the drop-down menu


Step 5: Complete form

Complete all the Name, Email, Phone, Password, and Terms fields.

Click Register


Step 6: Enter conformation code

Access the email you used to register.

Look and email from titled Message from the Q4 Financial app.

Copy the registration code contained in the email into the app.

Click Complete Registration.


Step 7: You are now registered & logged in!

To confirm this, when you click the ‘i’ icon on the top right, you should now see ‘Your Account’ rather than ‘Login’

You now can enjoy all the key features in the q4 app!