Author page: Grant Titman

Personal Income Tax Update

Preparing your tax return: July 2020 For many the start of a new financial year, marks the commencement of gathering various receipts and files from the last 12 months to prepare for lodging a tax return. While it can be an arduous task at times...

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Are you ready for June 30?

Are you ready for June 30? The last few months have seen everyone’s attention focused on their personal and professional wellbeing. It’s certainly been a time like no other for many of us. As we return to a level of normalcy, the usual...

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JobKeeper Package Update

q4 financial | JobKeeper Update By now we are all getting a little more used to challenges that COVID-19 has brought about from a health, and a business, perspective. We’ve had many conversations with clients over the last few weeks, and what...

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