q4 framework

Our tax & accounting, business advice & financial planning teams work closely to combine the skills & services you need in a tailored solution for achieving your business & personal financial objectives.


q4 financial offers a range of tailored solutions to help you grow your business, build personal wealth and enjoy the freedom and happiness that can come from financial independence.

Our q4 framework helps you to consider the value relationships between your business, superannuation, investments and you.

By combining tailored approaches to each of these areas, we work with you develop integrated strategies for achieving your goals. These may include profitability, growth, risk mitigation, wealth extraction, business succession and more.

The q4 framework embraces the philosophy of ‘make your money work for you’, by ensuring each element is leveraged so that  you achieve your financial goals sooner.

Working with you across all aspects of your finances – business and personal – enables us to develop a strategic and ‘big picture’ approach for achieving your goals.

Are you extracting sufficient wealth from your business to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket? How well do you understand the level of superannuation you require, and how best to achieve this? What strategies do you have in place to maximise the yield on your investments, and how is this impacting your business? The management of your financial affairs is ultimately focused on helping YOU become financially free, securing your future so that you can enjoy the comfortable lifestyle you are dreaming of.

I just wanted to thank both Kelly and Leanne for the meeting yesterday and their suggestions to pull me back on track going forward.  It was nice to have their support and recognition of how stressful it can be as the business owner."

Denise Maxwell, Principal - Denise Maxwell Solicitor

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